“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”

— Francis Bacon

Art of the Story

Telling stories is not only an art, but a powerful tool. It can move the heart, challenge the mind, and engage the soul. That is how we make sense of the world around us - through story. and it has the capability to change more than just an individual. It has the ability to shift culture in significant ways. Story, plus truth, is a potent mix of influence.

Watershed has a commitment to delivering high quality entertainment by combining the power of storytelling with the beauty of motion picture. We aim to provoke the audience to introspection without neglecting our primary motivation to entertain.

Our vision is cultural impact. We believe that truth fulfills the deep needs of every human and is the foundation from which all of our stories are told.

Scott Brignac

For over 15 years, Scott has combined his keen technical knowledge of film with his passion for rich, provocative storytelling as a writer, director, producer, and editor. Along with documentary and commercial work, Scott has written and directed several award-winning shorts. Scott has worked with Google, BP, Sports Illustrated, and many corporate and non-profit organizations. Most recently, Scott completed his first feature film with Watershed, Playing God.

Cody Bess

As a photographer, Cody has contributed to publications such as Vogue, Lucky, Allure, Glamour, Modern Luxury, and many more. Incorporating motion led to producing commercial projects for clients including CoverGirl, History Channel, Sony Music Entertainment, VH1, MTV, Elaine Turner, Hunter Bell NYC, Charming Charlie, House of Harper, and Elizabeth Arden New York. His strong sense of visual storytelling has allowed him to create a distinct portfolio of print work, documentaries, short films, music videos, and advertising campaigns.

Cliff Young

Cliff Young began his career as a founding member of Caedmon's Call. The band made 16 albums, sold over two million records and toured 48 states over 15 years. Cliff also served on the board of the Dalit Freedom Network, which helps the “untouchables” of India. Cliff began working full time for Second Baptist Church in 2006 as the Media Director. Cliff oversees the worldwide broadcast The Winning Walk and also has produced commercials, documentaries, and short films for the past 11 years.

Aaron Benward

Aaron Benward comes to Watershed Motion Pictures by way of the music business where he started his career as one half of the award-winning father/son duo Aaron Jeoffrey. He followed that up as the founding member of the 3 time CMA and ACM nominated duo Blue County. Aaron’s creative skills continue into his acting career where he can be seen recently in the Netflix Original series “The Ranch”, Sony’s “The Song” and City on a Hill’s “Acts of God.” He joined the Watershed team by packaging and negotiating a worldwide distribution deal for The Watershed Short Films Collection.

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